Imagine a way to clear bodily and mental discomfort, enhance inner balance, and gain a renewed perspective on life....

An extraordinary small remedy that gently supports relieve from menopause symptoms, mental stress, negative emotional patterns

etcetera….  That's possible!


The human body contains energy points where discomfort easily resides. We call these energy points ALQI channels, which can be compared with Chakra’s. Through these ALQI channels the healing powers of the body and mind can be awakened and restore the overall balance.


Imagine this... Being highly energetic, enjoy relaxation at the deeper levels of consciousness, bodily, mental and emotional comfort... It's possible!

Traditional herbs, intuitive energetica and aromatherapy are our speciality, which contributes powerfully to increase quality of life due to our extraordinary compostions. Our Alchemy-Qi methods origins from the Shamanistic, Asian and Ayurvedic healing principles. Determining "the heart of the matter" and revitalize the biological clock is key because of the decisive factor of moods, behavior, emotions, bodily functions and cognitive abilities.


Fytodor Tree of Life herbal remedies and oil essences consist of extremely high quality anti-oxidant compositions. These remedies based on Alchemy-Qi are free from side effects, increases the energy level, beneficial for countless conditions and are a great addition for preventive daily use.

THe 7 key features

  • Fytodor Tree of Life herbal remedies and oil essences are free from side effects
  • contain an extremely high nutritional value of more than 90 kinds of phytonutrients
  • are an excellent addition during weight loss and counteracts malnutrition
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect and keeps the skin youthfully elastic
  • contain a natural anti-aging effect and natural UV protection
  • intensifies a deeper tanned skin when sunbathing
  • are ideal for vegetarians and vegans