Fytodor Healing Power

Imagine… a way that transforms physical complaints and negative feelings into balance and a new perspective on life. A way that contributes to physical, mental and emotional well-being... It's possible!

Learning by experiencing is the only real way to achieve insights and desired transformation. We have specialized in intuitive energetics, reiki, aromatherapy, and clinical psychology for over 25 years. And very often we have met people who have walked many paths for insight and knowledge in all kinds of areas. And who are still on the way to that special 'something'... That 'something' is usually the thing that cannot be found outside the own person. And also, isn’t just for the taking in the so-called unity. But then what...

"Knowledge and insight into intuition is the first and most important beginning.

Everything that comes after is contained in infinity"

Fytodor is derived from the word phyto, better known as the knowledge and teaching of the majestic and mysterious plant kingdom. For us, fytodor stands for the access that gives us insight into this knowledge, the laws of nature and the universal source of intuition. From our knowledge and intuition, we give insight into what the power of intuition really is and what it is intended for. As well as the infinite broad perspective of the universal source of intuition. In your business, in leadership, educationally or just for the art of insight and knowledge... It works, for you too!

Fytodor Consults

Our intuitive consultations are focused on personal transformation, and contribute to insight and vision. Increasing the quality of life is what we aim for on a physical level, mental level, and in emotional well-being. With our long-time knowledge of intuitive energetics, aromatherapy, reiki and clinical psychology, we apply what is needed in the consultations. Our approach is flexible and resolute with the determination to quickly gain insight in 'the heart of the matter'.
Consult: € 250,- per hour. Twelve consults on an annual basis: € 2.750,-

"healing is not 'something' from the outside but from the inside,

'something' for body and mind"

Fytodor Healing Power Oil

"Qi directed from the movement, breathing and meditation promotes health and well-being"
These powerfully supportive massage compositions are based on the goal-oriented Alchemy-Qi technique. This method comes from the Shamanic, Asian and Ayurvedic healing principles, where penetrating to "the heart of the matter" is the main thing. These special massage compositions contribute powerfully to the quality of life, are beneficial for a harmonious balance and can be applied at any time. These compositions are also very pleasant for spiritual applications and have a strong uplifting, illuminating and clarifying effect. According to the advice and if desired, fytodor healing power oil can be used.

"Qi; directed from the movement, breathing and meditation

promotes health and well-being"

Essential features

•    These massage compositions are 100% natural, biological and cruelty-free
•    These compositions contain high-quality essential oils and extracts
•    The compositions are of beneficial application to emotional imbalance
•    These compositions are an excellent addition to the spiritual application
•    These massage compositions are also ideal for vegetarians and vegans


Each consult visit is solely by appointment only, and can be requested via the contact form. With the annual consults, an appointment of 1 x per month applies. The costs of consults must be paid in advance. Annual consults can be paid in two instalments on request. A consult lasts an average of one hour, and takes place in a dressed state without any form of physical application.
When possible, a consult can be extended and settled per quarter of an hour if necessary, during the consult.

Fytodor healing power oil are exclusively advised during consult, and must be paid separately, unless otherwise agreed. Treatments and guidelines from your doctor are decisive and must be reported in advance. Rescheduling or cancelling an appointment must be done at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Late changes or cancellations will be charged in full. Every consult is private and personal. Other persons are therefore deemed not to participate in consults in any way, unless otherwise agreed in prior to consults.