Imagine a way to clear bodily and mental discomfort, enhance inner balance, and gain a renewed perspective on life....

An extraordinary small remedy, that gently recovers the inner balance and emphasizes outer wellbeing. That supports relieve from menopause symptoms, release mental stress, negative emotional patterns etcetera….  That's possible!

The human body contains energy points where discomfort easily resides and where powerful recovery can also be awakened. We call these energy points ALQI channels, which can be compared with Chakra’s. Fytodor Alchemy-Qi is the most ultimate combination of pure and powerful life essence from Mother Earth and Cosmic energy. Through the ALQI channels the healing powers of the body and mind are stimulated and the emotional equilibrium and general vision on life is being improved.

The 5 key features

  • enhance inner balance and increase the overall positive qualities
  • affect and strengthen the deeper levels of consciousness
  • attune and strengthen mental and emotional wellbeing
  • eliminate restlessness, chronic discomfort and tensity
  • attune the overall energy levels for everyone’s unique need