Theme: The New Way

Time to move forward, open doors and close others!

Meet & Greet about the time after the standstill. The old trusted patterns, and picking up what's left. But what is the old pattern, and what is left?... Health, love, joy... Did it felt better then, or does it feel better now?


A super interesting and revealing afternoon full of unraveling the old and new consciousness.


Starts at 13:00 till 16:00 pm
Walk in from 12:00

Entrance is free, high tea or refreshments are not included. The maximum number of people is 30 participants, full is full!


We'll start in the new year 2021, be welcome!

Meet & GREet meetings

The maximum number of participants is 30 persons. Every single participant needs to sign up under the headline registration. It is also mandatory to register each participant under the headline registration, when attending with more persons. After registration you'll receive a participant confirmation.


This February is considered a great open gateway to all that's new. And at this very new Meet & Greet meeting, Monique Held will outline several changes challenges and possibilities from the old and new spiritual and health processes.


Monique has a Master's degree in Reiki and has HVE degrees in Energetic Therapy, Psychology, Holistic Fyto and Aromatherapy and over more than two decades experienced with intuitive mediumship.


Topics such as healthy lifestyle, body and mind, health and consciousness, resilience and new directions will be pointed out from another perspective, and reveal all new insights.


This Meet & Greet is great for anyone who’s interested in a healthy lifestyle, personal growth spiritual awareness, and how to adopt and rely on intuition in their day-to-day healthy lifestyle.