fytodor Remedies

Fytodor Alchemy-Qi

Fytodor remedies are developed according to traditional Alchemi-Qi recipe, and have been researched both scientifically and non scientifically. These therapeutic remedies contain concentrations of high vibration frequencies, which in a subtle way results in a powerful effect. It stimulates clarity of the mind and promotes emotional wellbeing.

The therapeutic remedies are based upon traditional Indian methods, the Ayurvedic vision and the Asian Qi concept. Within these methods, healing is not approached as ‘something’ controlled outside the body and mind, but as ‘something’ influenced within the body and mind. These remedies are carefully composed with the knowledge and experience of more over 25 years, based on high quality plant extracts, herbs and resins.

Fytodor remedies focuses on the bodily, mind and spiritual dynamic. It comprises the whole and comes from the broad spectrum of cosmic values; the feminine yin and the
masculine yang and a variety of natural elements for various human types. Within this principle healing, strength and control can be encouraged and lifted.